Holo World Three
by James Richard
Copyright 2002

Brian with his mate
Wonder Woman
Robert Llewellyn as Brian Brane
Danny John-Jules as Larry 
(Brian's alter-ego)
Josie Lawrence as Wonder Woman,
(Brian's love slave)

Brian is a schizophrenic who finds himself living in a computer generated holographic world, of the mind.

The story is of Brian a mild mannered office worker. After a series of stressful events, Brian's mind snaps and he begins to suffer from delusions brought on by schizophrenia. Brian has two main delusional characters, Wonder Woman, his perfect love, and Larry, his black Scottish alter-ego. Rather than trying to suppress his delusions, Brian decides to take a ride on the roller coaster of  his mind, with some interesting results.

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Is there a doctor in the house?