The Living Universe: Hubble Telescope Gallery
The Universe is really me. Well at least that is the conclusion that I have come to. Why is the Universe me and not some other monkey? Well because I thought of it first. It is like asking why George Clinton is the God Father of funk.

Please note that George Clinton is indeed the God Father of funk. This is because he helped to invent the genre and is the inspiration for the funk music.

Authors Note: It is not really that interesting being everything. In fact I find it pretty dull and there is no financial rewards either. You just get to live for ever, or at least die trying.

Additional Note: With Respect To the Universe is really me. Well I am not really everything, I am just connected to all points in space-time, as is everyone. The only difference being that I triggered the creation of the Universe by flying through Brian Brane's weird space many banana's ago.

For Your Information: Brian Brane is The Living Universe, and a fictional character. I am also Brian Brane, but then again so are you.

By The Way: Whatever you do don't panic. You can always pretend you never met me, your maker.