Mind Trek DSR
Brian Ralph and Monkey
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Sophie Ellis-Bextor's first album Read My Lips contains numerous references to a spiritual lover. The album itself reads like a short story when referenced with the book Mind Trek DSR.

In this picture she looks as if she is trying to read the viewers thoughts.

Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster has performed in numerous films relating to the paranormal and science fiction.

As with Sophie, in this picture she looks as if she is trying to read the viewers thoughts.

Sigorney Weaver
Sigorney is most widely known for her roles in the Alien movies but she started off in films like Ghostbusters. Most recently she was in the film Heartbreakers.
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was in the Mask, Being John Malcovich and There is something about Mary. This picture is referenced in both Mind Trek DSR and the song Sex, Sex, Sex by Brian Ralph and Monkey.


General pictures of the celebrities mentioned in both the book and the music

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
This is one of the sexiest photo's I have seen. Sophie is in attitude mode and she is displaying, her left ear, while holding the mic at a great angle (Monkey wants to be her mic).
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
This is a nice picture of Sophie, she is displaying her left ear and her bare feet...(mmmm)
This picture shows just how beautiful Sade is.
Jeri Ryan
She is a fine figure of a woman, a talented actress and very funny too, in reverse order.
Lucy Liu
She is both beautiful, funny and dangerous all at the same time (WOW).