Mind Trek DSR
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Mind Trek DSR by James Richard
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A patient diagnosed with schizophrenic DSR has been on what he describes as a Mind Trek. A team of medical researcher's decide to interview him, as they do, they discover the person behind the medical condition.

The book has been written in a play format with the characters names placed in the left hand margin. The story is covered in nine chapters with the final chapter being a short story.

The story is told using a series of interviews conducted by various members of the research team. The lead character Jim talks to himself as they conduct their interview, the conversations he has in his mind are somewhat different in tone from those which he displays to the medical researchers, for fear of being hospitalised because of his condition. As the researchers interview Jim, they discover that he has come up with a coherent explanation of his illness using modern day physics and science-fiction. This leads to more and more interest in his theories and the researchers are themselves slowly drawn into the world created by the patients mind.
BPM Bio-Physical Microwormholes : BPM for short by James Richard
Chapter 2 This chapter cover's various topics including Jim's theory on microwormholes
Chapter 10 This chapter is a self contained short story written by the character Jim, the schizophrenic patient.